Welcome to the To The Moon Theory Wiki! This site is dedicated to theorizing and lore within the To The Moon series. Although theories here are centered around the series, theories may talk about any game in the Freebird Games franchise, so be prepared for spoilers.


The To The Moon Theory Wiki is a project I, RudRecciah, originally conceptualized in late 2020, with the release being in early 2021. Being the main active theorizer of all Freebird games, I noticed theories were hard to keep track of and I would usually lose ones made by others. As a response, I decided to build a place for theories to exist and be easily accessable to anyone who might want to read some or use them to make their own. This site is a fan-made and moderated site that is not officially affiliated with Freebird Games.


Here you can find each theory in our theory repository. Theories are tagged by the games included in them, so you'll know what spoilers you might encounter. Click on a theory to read it. You can add a theory here which will be added after a manual review to make sure it follows our Community Guidelines. If you find a theory that does not follow our Community Guidelines, report it.